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Choices Choices! How to choose between Merino Wool Baby Blankets or Cashmere Baby Blankets ?


A luxurious predicament if ever there were one the choice between Merino Wool Blanket or Cashmere Baby Blanket. We at Willow and Cole delve a little deeper into this fantastic natural fabric. Read further for a all you can know guide on Merino Wool Baby Blankets.


Origins – Merino Sheep


The merino sheep originated from the Spanish Peninsula and became domesticated on a large scale in Australia during the early 19th Century. This large scale breeding within the region in turn makes Australia the largest producer of merino wool. Accounting for nearly 75% of global production of this raw natural material.

Extremely versatile the Merino Sheep is capable of producing an incredible 18kg of wool within a 12 month period. Not surprisingly this coat must be shorn in order to keep the Merino free from health related mobility issues.


Benefits of Merino Wool


Elasticity – The excellent natural elasticity of Merino Wool makes for an extremely durable product which is often used as base layers in many outdoor apparel.

Moisture Wicking – Merino Wool has the ability to hold up to 3 times its weight in moisture and yet retain its insulating properties.

Temperature Regulating – Alongside its naturally high insulating properties Merino Wool is breathable allowing excess heat to be released preventing overheating.

Odour and Bacterial Resistance – The natural antimicrobial design of Merino Wool ensures that odours do not penetrate deep into the fabric. Ensuring those unwanted smells are kept at bay longer than its synthetic competitors.

Skin Sensitive – Traditional Wool based blankets are derived from coarse fibres which can naturally irritate the surface of  the skin. However, Merino Wool with its exceptionally fine fibres has the ability to bend. Allowing little irritation to even the most sensitive baby skin.


Cashmere Comparisons 


The natural comparisons to cashmere will long remain with many of the benefits apparent in Cashmere Baby Blankets as they do in Merino Wool. With the main differences lying with Cashmere being lighter due to its ultra fine fibres and arguably superior insulating properties.

At Willow and Cole our Merino Wool Baby Blanket contains a 10% cashmere mix which allows our luxury baby blanket to keep all its versatile features of Merino. With the added touch of lightweight durability and luxury of cashmere fibre.

Our Merino Wool Cashmere Baby Blanket offers the perfect blend of functionality and versatility. It ensures this firm baby gift favourite is well received by its recipients with the added touch of luxury giftbox presentation.