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Willow & Cole

Luxury Baby Gifts from Willow and Cole

Excitement? Trepidation? A little confusion? New parents feel a wave of emotions when bringing their very own bundle joy into the world. The euphoria of the first few weeks of parenthood are mixed with both lack of sleep and anxiety felt largely in part to all the needs that new babies have. Meeting those needs is not easy, even for a seasoned parent.

Fortunately with time comes experience and the need for essential items in the parenthood journey have been understood by us at Willow and Cole with our luxury baby gift range.

Simple items are key for the best start for both parent and baby alike. For comfort, soft toys and blankets are essential. With the Willow and Cole newborn baby gift set the inclusion of a natural cashmere baby blanket and a plush cuddly toy tick those all important boxes. Luxury Baby Gift sets have different items dependent on gender or simply individual preference with the following items making an appearance in some of our more premium gift sets.

A luxury baby blanket often seen as a long term worthwhile investment for many a year ahead we at Willow and Cole have produced cashmere baby blanket range filled premium comfort with an ultra soft feel.

Can you remember your first teddy? At Willow and Cole we see these as a lifetime companion for baby and fond memory for parents thus our inclusion of Archie the Sheep and Beattie the Bunny made from the finest materials with minimal fibre loss perfectly designed for the rigours of everyday use.

Within some our luxury baby gifts is also our Olivewood baby brush. For those unfamiliar with our natural baby hair brush, this provides a range of benefits from practical advantages such as stimulating blood flow to the scalp and stimulating your newborn allowing for a greater bonding experience to the medical benefits of reducing cradle cap.

Other luxury newborn baby gift items include hats,cashmere knitted boots and a luxury baby blankets to newborn baby girl dresses and newborn baby boy romper sets and much more. The perfect combination of practicality and opulence packaged in our premium baby gift box is sure to receive the wow welcome you will expect from expectant parents when gifting our natural baby gifts.