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Willow & Cole

Becoming a grandparent for the first time is undoubtedly a milestone of joy. From the first cuddle to the deliberations on whom the newborn baby looks like, the rush of emotions are overwhelming.

To celebrate such an occasion as a grandparent you are often left with the dilemma of what to buy and how to make that newborn baby gift extra special.

We provide a helpful guide on what options are available for the perfect newborn baby gift set.

Luxury Cashmere Baby Blanket

In the words of famous British designer and grandparent herself ‘Buy less, choose well, make it last’. The importance of choosing a quality item that can last the test of time while combining practicality is the holy grail of all newborn baby gift sets.

The baby blanket is a typical stalwart of any new baby gift repertoire choosing correctly for longevity brings us delightfully to the cashmere baby blanket. Excellent for newborn sensitive skin this natural material helps keep newborn warm whilst still maintaining to regulate baby temperature.

Cuddly Soft Toy

A forever favourite the soft cuddly toy is proven to help baby develop sensory skills and as they progress on into childhood it is well known to be used as a source of comfort. Archie the Sheep and Beatty the Bunny have been developed with this in mind. Familiar smells from this potential life-long companion makes baby feel at ease at bedtime.

Baby Hairbrush

A soft quality hairbrush opitimises practicality and style for the ideal newborn baby gift. Often complimented in a set with other useful items such as clothing or baby blankets the olivewood goat hair natural baby brush helps ease newborn cradle cap alongside providing gentle brushing helps parent and baby create a firmer bond in these early stages of parenthood.

Musical Toys

A great addition to any nursery the musical toy is great for helping boost a baby’s sensory and listening skills. Many musical toys feature different shapes and noises helping growing baby to become accustomed to familiar sounds over time providing a positive reactions and helping retain information.

Activity Playmat

Suitable from newborn to toddler stage the activity playmat can help your little grandchild develop a visual understanding alongside strengthening reflexes from grasping to reaching on a soft safe base. Often mobile this is a firm favourite of any baby playroom making for a great newborn gift.