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Cashmere Baby Blanket – The lowdown.


The origins of this luxury fabric hail from goats from the Himalayan region.
The cashmere yarn is produced from the soft undercoat of the goat which is produced in short amounts
adding to its scarcity in supply.

Did you know?

Cashmere fibers are only harvested once a year with a single goat only able to produce 4 ounces
of processed cashmere yarn.

Benefits to baby

One of the softest materials available for babies, cashmere will comfort your baby time and
time again. Its soft texture will soothe baby on even the most unsettled of nights.

This wonderful material keeps body heat in during cold weather, but will also allow your
baby’s body to maintain a comfortable temperature during warmer weather, too. It is
lightweight and ideal for babies of all ages.

Cashmere has even been proven to get softer and softer the more it is washed, and will get
softer as it gets older too, meaning it is only going to improve in comfort for your baby.

Benefits to baby’s parents

Cashmere doesn’t just benefit your baby. Using cashmere clothing and blankets will be
time-saving for parents, too. It is really easy to hand-wash, with cold water and a good
detergent, meaning that parents can quickly and easily ensure that their baby’s cashmere is
free from bacteria, and ready for baby to use again after just a few hours of washing it, by
letting it dry on a radiator or in an airing cupboard.

Able to insulate heat three times more effectively than normal sheep’s wool, cashmere is
ideal for keeping your baby warm. This means fewer sleepless nights and you will be
reassured, knowing your baby is warm and comfortable in a soft blanket.
Often, babies will develop rashes and sensitivity to particularly harsh materials and clothing.
Thankfully, because cashmere is so soft, it isn’t scratchy. This means your baby can wear it
on bare skin, and you don’t have to worry about it being irritating or harsh.

The ideal gift

A durable, thoughtful keepsake present, cashmere really is the perfect newborn baby gift
for any expectant mother, or any family who have recently welcomed a baby into their
home. Unlike polyester, cashmere is breathable and super soft, which makes it suitable for
newborn babies with even the most sensitive of skin.

Keeping baby warm at night is a must, and soft baby blankets are a must-have for any
expectant mother. Cashmere baby blankets will allow baby’s body to regulate its
temperature and this brilliant, high quality material will last for years to come, making it a
fantastic gift that you know will be used again and again, unlike many other newborn baby
blankets, which don’t last as long.

Online baby clothes and gifts shop, Willow and Cole, have a wonderful cashmere blanket
range. Soft and long lasting their pure cashmere baby blankets make the ideal newborn baby gift.
Choose a cashmere baby gift set from Willow and Cole, and you’ll be enjoying a cuddle
from a cashmere-covered baby in no time! If you’re not sure which cashmere item to
choose, a Cashmere Starter Set is a lovely present for any expectant parents. If you want to
make your cashmere gift even more unique, you could get it embroidered with baby’s name
or initials. It will be a wonderful keepsake gift that the parents will keep for years to come.

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